By Jennifer Fenton

As I sit writing this article, I have in front of me, a view of the Y pools where a class of active older adults is working out and others are doing laps and receiving instruction on stroke technique from our resident expert and lifeguard.  I can’t help but feel blessed that this is where I come to work every day.  I was recently asked what I love about my job and it took me a minute to respond, not because it was hard to think of something but because it was hard to decide how to concisely describe what I love about my job and not have the person falling asleep because I’m still talking three hours later.  Whether it is seeing active older adults taking water aerobics classes together, watching independent swimmers lap swim, helping adults learn to swim for the first time, teaching children comfort and safety in the water, watching young adults playing and having fun in the water, people utilizing the water for therapy or working with my staff and helping them develop into strong employees, this is a place that I love.  I love that this place is not just somewhere to work but it is an extension of my home.  I love that my kids can’t wait to be camp counselors or help the maintenance crew clean something or volunteer anywhere they can.  I love that we are a diverse group of people utilizing the Y from young to old and all physical abilities. I love that the community of Sheridan has come together to create and continue to provide such an amazing place for all to share.

There are so many things about the Y that make me proud to be a staff here and as we move forward into the future and the changes that will come with it I am excited to be part of that planning.  The pools of our future will provide so many needed improvements.  Our new locker rooms will provide an easier and safer space for everyone, without stairs and with more family and handicap friendly changing rooms.  The same ease and safe space will be seen in the pools with our zero entry, enabling small children to be in shallow water with no sudden drops in water depth and no stairs for people with disabilities or joint pain.  The new pool design will provide more programmable space as well, lending itself to a wealth of opportunities for our whole community.  We will also continue to provide a lap pool for our lap swimmers and deep water aerobics classes.  Of course, I can’t forget to mention all the new fun things we will have for everyone to play on.  I encourage you to stop by the Y and see us, ask questions, share your stories or find out how you can be part of our “Living Our Cause…Growing Our Cause” campaign.