“Nolan and I started this business because we felt there was a need in Sheridan for a 24 hour gym with up-to-date equipment, training and a staff that is passionate about continuing education and fitness,” said owner Caryn Moxey, about the vision she and her husband had about creating the business.

As a way to thank longtime clients for contributing to the business’s success, as well as welcome new ones, all classes offered by PURENERGY are now free for members.

“This is big news for us,” said Moxey. “This is a big change. We wanted to create a place that had lots of options for people to improve their health.”

Making classes free is a step towards increasing the value of the membership and making it possible for more people to see results with our programs.”

Previously, members paid $49 per month for a membership that allowed full access to all the equipment but classes offered during the week were an extra $5 each. However, with the new fee structure, members will pay only the monthly membership and have unlimited free access to classes for the same $49 price. Additionally, as a bonus for new members, everyone who joins with automatic withdrawal betweenMarch 1 and 15 will pay just $5 for membership for the first month.

Though classes for members will now be free, the facility will continue to allow nonmembers to attend classes for $10 per class.

   Moxey said she hopes the elimination of class fees will be particularly appealing to families.

“We really want to encourage families being healthy together,” she said, noting that children 10 and older are welcome to use the facility’s equipment with a parent and participate in classes. With members now having free access to all classes, a family of 4 can join and attend class for $89 per month.

The facility has 15 employees, including four certified personal trainers, and offers 24 classes throughout the week. The newest classes on the schedule are Zumba and Self-Defense,  some of the facility’s most popular classes include Boot Camp, Indoor Cycling, Hot Yoga and Barre. To accommodate a variety of life schedules, classes are offered throughout the day from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

“I think that when we went into it, we went in with a long term goal,” said Moxey, about the business’s anniversary. “I think five years is a good milestone but we are looking forward to 10 and 20 year anniversaries also.”