Animals adept at winter survival

By |Jan. 3, 2020|

Winter is the most difficult time of year for most animals and they have developed various strategies for surviving these challenging months, with hibernation probably the most well-known.

Cooking with venison

By |Dec. 20, 2019|

Fall has turned to winter and as hunting season comes to a close, those successful with their hunt will have a freezer full of meat. 

Cellphone down, fly rod up

By |Nov. 22, 2019|

When Joey Puettman was a child, playing in the outdoors with friends by the river was a normal activity — without cellphones and gaming systems to entertain him.

Outdoor briefs

By |Nov. 15, 2019|

Upper Powder River Mule Deer Initiative update SHERIDAN — In 2007, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission launched the Mule Deer Initiative to identify causes [...]

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