Announcement gamesmanship

By |Aug. 8, 2019|

With Sen. Mike Enzi’s retirement announcement, politicos in Wyoming — and across the country, really — long ago started speculating about who might seek the seat in the U.S. Senate.

Why the double standard?

By |Aug. 2, 2019|

For the last several years of the Sheridan Recreation District’s co-ed adult softball program, players have had to throw a different size softball depending on whether a [...]

End of summer?

By |Aug. 1, 2019|

For some Sheridan County students — ahem... Big Horn, Tongue River and Arvada-Clearmont — school starts in just 19 days.

Trail run ready

By |May. 30, 2019|

In just about two weeks, runners will take to the hills (and the mountains) for the Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run.

Defining the ‘why’

By |May. 9, 2019|

If you’re into leadership trainings, you’ve likely heard of Simon Sinek and his “Start with Why” idea — which is also the title of one of his books and his TED Talk.

Power of collaboration

By |Feb. 7, 2019|

Each week staff members at The Sheridan Press type up brief articles on upcoming events — choir concerts, art exhibitions, fundraisers and more.

Transparency key to democracy

By |Jan. 24, 2019|

Last week, the Financial Transparency Working Group organized by Gov. Mark Gordon and Auditor Kristi Racines gathered in Cheyenne for one of its very first meetings.

Striving for transparency

By |Dec. 27, 2018|

Earlier this year, Governor-elect Mark Gordon and Auditor-elect Kristi Racines organized what they called the Financial Transparency Working Group, the purpose of which would be to identify and develop solutions to improve transparency and accessibility to state financial data.

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