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Striving for transparency

By |Dec. 27, 2018|

Earlier this year, Governor-elect Mark Gordon and Auditor-elect Kristi Racines organized what they called the Financial Transparency Working Group, the purpose of which would be to identify and develop solutions to improve transparency and accessibility to state financial data.

Should, could, would

By |Oct. 2, 2018|

The last several weeks have been interesting ones in terms of national politics. The effort to appoint a U.S. Supreme Court justice has created a level [...]

Rough days

By |Sep. 27, 2018|

We’ve all had them. Some days feel like they might last forever. Sadly, those days are rarely our happiest. Wednesday — for example — felt [...]

Moving in

By |Sep. 25, 2018|

A couple weeks ago, our director of special projects, Caitlin Addlesperger, wrote about her return to Wyoming. She had grown up in Sheridan, went away for [...]

Balancing risk, rewards

By |Sep. 18, 2018|

A number of things I’ve come across recently have given me reason to consider the balance of risks and rewards. Scrolling through Facebook in August, I [...]

A seasonal tradition

By |Sep. 13, 2018|

It’s one of the best times of year. We’ll soon have playoff baseball. We have sports. And, locally, we have the start of the Sheridan [...]

Exciting news

By |Aug. 31, 2018|

Over the last few months, I and the committee planning the 2019 FAB Women’s Conference for April 12 have been elbow deep in fundraising efforts. [...]

Zucchini everywhere

By |Aug. 28, 2018|

It’s that time of year. If you’re a gardener, you know what I mean. You’re frantically searching Google and asking friends for their best zucchini recipes. [...]

Difficult departures

By |Aug. 24, 2018|

Well, crew, we made it through the primary elections and all came out seemingly no worse for wear. Congratulations to all the candidates who made [...]

Nothing but a junkie

By |Aug. 17, 2018|

They say the first step to solving any problem includes admitting that you have one.  Well, hello. My name is Kristen Czaban and I probably [...]

Back to reality

By |Aug. 10, 2018|

Facing reality has proven difficult this week. I came back from an annual backpacking trip with a group of friends on Aug. 3 and quickly returned [...]

Adventure calls

By |Aug. 2, 2018|

The time finally came. After months — some full of snow and wind — of dreaming of mountain time with friends, we left Monday for four [...]

Upcoming excitement

By |Jul. 24, 2018|

One thing about August: busy doesn’t begin to describe it. Everyone wants to cram in the last bit of summer, heading into the mountains and [...]

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