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Should, could, would

By |Oct. 2, 2018|

The last several weeks have been interesting ones in terms of national politics. The effort to appoint a U.S. Supreme Court justice has created a level [...]

Rough days

By |Sep. 27, 2018|

We’ve all had them. Some days feel like they might last forever. Sadly, those days are rarely our happiest. Wednesday — for example — felt [...]

Moving in

By |Sep. 25, 2018|

A couple weeks ago, our director of special projects, Caitlin Addlesperger, wrote about her return to Wyoming. She had grown up in Sheridan, went away for [...]

Balancing risk, rewards

By |Sep. 18, 2018|

A number of things I’ve come across recently have given me reason to consider the balance of risks and rewards. Scrolling through Facebook in August, I [...]

A seasonal tradition

By |Sep. 13, 2018|

It’s one of the best times of year. We’ll soon have playoff baseball. We have sports. And, locally, we have the start of the Sheridan [...]

Exciting news

By |Aug. 31, 2018|

Over the last few months, I and the committee planning the 2019 FAB Women’s Conference for April 12 have been elbow deep in fundraising efforts. [...]

Zucchini everywhere

By |Aug. 28, 2018|

It’s that time of year. If you’re a gardener, you know what I mean. You’re frantically searching Google and asking friends for their best zucchini recipes. [...]

Difficult departures

By |Aug. 24, 2018|

Well, crew, we made it through the primary elections and all came out seemingly no worse for wear. Congratulations to all the candidates who made [...]

Nothing but a junkie

By |Aug. 17, 2018|

They say the first step to solving any problem includes admitting that you have one.  Well, hello. My name is Kristen Czaban and I probably [...]

Back to reality

By |Aug. 10, 2018|

Facing reality has proven difficult this week. I came back from an annual backpacking trip with a group of friends on Aug. 3 and quickly returned [...]

Adventure calls

By |Aug. 2, 2018|

The time finally came. After months — some full of snow and wind — of dreaming of mountain time with friends, we left Monday for four [...]

Upcoming excitement

By |Jul. 24, 2018|

One thing about August: busy doesn’t begin to describe it. Everyone wants to cram in the last bit of summer, heading into the mountains and [...]

Showing off

By |Jul. 19, 2018|

Yesterday, a dear friend arrived in Sheridan for a five-day visit to my neck of the woods. Darcy and I attended Northwestern University together, played [...]

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