We need more than vigils

By |Jan. 24, 2020|

On Wednesday night, around 40 people gathered in Sheridan to honor all of the missing and murdered Indigenous women in the United States, and from local reservations in particular.


By |Aug. 16, 2018|

Plenty of jobs offer more challenges than working as a journalist in a small community. Firefighters, police officers, public servants — they all face daily [...]

Compromising Sheridan’s downtown

By |Jul. 27, 2018|

The city released a draft of its Downtown Sheridan Streetscape Action Plan Tuesday night, providing strategies and recommending actions for improving downtown in conjunction with a Wyoming [...]

City council, mayor need to work together

By |Jun. 15, 2018|

Mayor Roger Miller has expressed frustration with members of Sheridan City Council, which he says won’t address his concerns regarding the undefined duties and authorities of positions within city government. Who [...]

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