An open letter to the Sheridan community

By |May. 1, 2020|

As the executive director of NSI Academy, I understand the challenges we face. I’m also proud to be working toward effective and ethical treatment options for youth with significant behavioral and mental health care needs.

WYO Theater — Behind the curtain

By |May. 1, 2020|

Over the last while, I’ve worked my way through (the modified) Kubler-Ross’ 7 stages of grief. At first, like most, I was in utter shock that anything could move as quickly as closures and cancellations due to COVID did. “They CAN’T close Broadway!”

Los Contentos

By |Apr. 24, 2020|

Oriental philosophy dictates that the universe is composed of opposites and that life resonates within the relationship between these opposites. High and low, still and [...]

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