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Campsite Cooking

Curling up next to a fire in the middle of the woods can be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for the entire family. But sequestering yourself to a campsite for a night does not mean your taste buds have to suffer. Next time you pack your sleeping bags and tent for some mountainside R&R, leave [...]

Fishing opportunities

Some fine fishing opportunities can be found in a variety of lakes, streams and rivers around Sheridan. Fishermen from novice to expert will find everything from walleye, crappie and perch to rainbow, brown, cutthroat and brook trout in the waters of northern Wyoming and southern Montana. In town, youth and adults will find good fishing [...]

Hiking the Bighorn Mountains

The opportunities in the Bighorn Mountains for enjoyable day hikes are endless – whether the adventurer chooses to follow established trails or blaze their own. The following is a list of some well-loved hiking trails in the area. A complete list of trails and a map of the Bighorn National Forest is available from the [...]

Luck of the Draw

Talk to almost any hunter and they will tell you that the keys to being successful in a hunt are good marksmanship —  gained through months of practice — a familiarity with your quarry and its habits and habitat, and certainly a dose of luck sometimes…being in the right place at the right time. However, [...]

Search and Rescue

It was a scary moment for Jerry and Tricia DeVille when their daughter was stranded in the Bighorn Mountains over Labor Day weekend. Alissa DeVille and her boyfriend, Blake Fuhriman, set up camp near Bighorn Reservoir before climbing Black Tooth Mountain, the second-highest peak in the Bighorns at 13,000 feet. After summiting the peak, the [...]

Wildlife: Wyoming’s heritage

In 1977, the University of Wyoming released a study that showed wildlife was Wyoming’s most important natural resource. Even in 2010, the agricultural sector, including hunting and fishing, took in more gross domestic product revenue than oil and gas extraction. That hasn’t always been the case. In the 1900s there was so much hunting and [...]

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