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Antelope Butte Foundation

The Antelope Butte Foundation has been working to reopen Sheridan’s nearest ski area since 2011 and has yet to disturb dirt, having many residents wondering, why does the process take so long? Paul Birkholz, vice president of the board of directors, said the main reason for the slow going is that the group is attempting [...]

Blazing Trails

During the snowstorms that frequently come through our area all winter, most of us hunker down in our warm and dry homes. However, several Sheridan residents head into the snow and the mountains to prepare local ski trails for users. For more than a decade, members of the Black Mountain Nordic Club have sponsored maintenance [...]

Christmas Stroll

One of Sheridan's most beloved winter events is set for Nov. 28, as always, the day after Thanksgiving. The Christmas Stroll was developed many years ago in an effort to bring Black Friday shoppers to downtown Sheridan. It is a community event to kick off the holiday shopping season. Friends, family and neighbors gather downtown [...]

Golfing Destinations

THE POWDER HORN The Powder Horn is often rated the number one course in the state, depending on which golf magazine you read or friend you listen to. It’s been named Golf Digest’s Best Wyoming Golf Course to Play, Golfweek’s Best Residential Golf Course, Golfweek’s Top 100 Modern Golf Course and Wyoming’s #1 course among [...]

Ice Fishing

When it comes to ice fishing, staying warm might test your patience, but the activity is definitely worth a try for those willing to brave it. Sibley Lake and Lake DeSmet provide easy access from Sheridan for ice fishers. With a wide array of well-kept secrets and some longer drives, there are plenty of opportunities [...]

Little Goose Canyon

By Mary Jo Johnson Born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming, I was one of the typical Sheridan High School graduates who couldn’t wait to not only leave this town, but also this state. Fifteen years later, like Dorothy when she clicked her ruby slippers, it dawned on me that there truly is “no place like [...]

Main Street

By Sonja Caywood As an artist I paint our last vestige of "the West," as subjects thought to be permanent features of our landscape disappear. Asked to write about my favorite place in Sheridan County, I wanted to list several—artist Hans Kleiber brought friends to his "favorite place" in the Bighorns. After his death, folks [...]

Parks and pathways

With several miles of walking and biking pathways stretching the length of Sheridan, two large parks and a multitude of neighborhood parks, recreationists and leisure seekers need not look far in Sheridan. The town offers a total of 24 areas designated as park land, including six natural areas. Dayton, Story, Ranchester and Clearmont also have [...]

Ready to make more memories at Antelope Butte

What impact has Antelope Butte had on my family? When this question was asked of me, the memories came flooding into my heart and mind. Our oldest son, Josh, began snowboarding with the Luplow boys while in elementary school. Many weekends would see Terri driving the boys up the mountain and back down. I was [...]

Seeking solitude on the trail

Many trails have a definitive start and end. Trailheads mark the start of a journey and parking lots or other landmarks mark the end. Along the way, trees, lakes and rocky outcroppings give hikers a taste of exploration. Some trails, though, make loops that require a different kind of fortitude — the kind that forces [...]

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