Kennon earns bid for new project

By |Jul. 16, 2019|

A business that started 35 years ago out of a garage has now evolved into pioneering and engineering for customers like the U.S. Military, NASA, hospitals, oil and gas companies, aircraft owners and the L.A. Dodgers.

Family business: New owners of Andi’s plan few changes

By |Jul. 2, 2019|

Although the true origin of coffee may never be certain, legend states that a goat herder on the Ethiopian plateau discovered the effects of the beans when he noticed his goats became so energetic that they didn’t want to sleep at night after eating the mysterious “berries.”

Local businesses unite to learn

By |May. 28, 2019|

On May 23, 120 local business owners and employees flocked to Sheridan College for the fifth annual Ignite Your Business, a professional development conference hosted by the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

ACT, Blackfoot to partner on fiber network

By |Apr. 16, 2019|

Advanced Communications Technology and Blackfoot Communications announced a strategic partnership to expand their fiber network footprint, bringing connectivity to businesses of all sizes across the western United States.

Puettman continues work with youth through fly-fishing

By |Apr. 16, 2019|

For a dozen years, Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation has lured kids from the simulated confines of World of Warcraft to Wyoming’s blue ribbon outdoors to master what some anglers refer to as the Zen of fly-fishing where sport becomes art and casting a moving meditation.

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