Los Contentos

By |Apr. 24, 2020|

Oriental philosophy dictates that the universe is composed of opposites and that life resonates within the relationship between these opposites. High and low, still and [...]

Encouraging words

By |Apr. 17, 2020|

At Ucross we are champions of the creative spirit — a place where writers, artists, composers and choreographers can dream up original work and later bring it to the world.

Bright moments

By |Apr. 10, 2020|

Strange, memorable, surreal, discombobulating, bizarre — this is how two artists described their abbreviated residency at Ucross, living briefly in a space of intentional isolation while a pandemic spread across the globe. 

Pat Trout: capturing light, color

By |Apr. 10, 2020|

I’ve been reading light, frothy, mindless fiction for entertainment. Usually an eclectic reader, the more serious material I enjoy just doesn’t seem to suit the current situation.

Find your inspiration to create joyfully

By |Apr. 10, 2020|

These are certainly unprecedented times we’re living and operating in right now. When SAGE Community Arts decided to close the art center to in-person visitation and arts education offerings in mid-March, we quickly pivoted our day-to-day operations and asked, “How can we continue to build and inspire community through the visual arts during these times?” 

Comfort to the distressed

By |Mar. 27, 2020|

During this time of conscientious hand washing, while singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” something to offset the boredom of self-isolation and staying at home is in order. OK here it comes.

All Schools Fifth-Grade Art Show

By |Feb. 7, 2020|

With lots of work and behind the scenes action, students, art teachers and museum curators are ready to show fifth-grade student artwork at The Brinton Museum for the annual All Schools Fifth-Grade Art Show.

Art enriches

By |Jan. 29, 2020|

It was 10:45 A.M. on a Wednesday morning, and my stomach was oddly speaking to me with premature hunger pangs. 

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