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The tree house

By |Aug. 3, 2017|

I finally got the holes dug for the main tree house tower. Something that would ordinarily have taken me about half a day took 2.5 [...]

A simple stone drain

By |Jul. 6, 2017|

Almost every home has drainage problems at one time or another. And new home sites may take some time to study how to best drain [...]

Sand casting

By |Jun. 22, 2017|

If you love making things for your garden, you will love concrete. Concrete is durable, inexpensive and easy to work with, making it the perfect medium to [...]

Easy peasy topiary

By |Jun. 15, 2017|

I have been a fan of topiaries for most of my life. To me they convey the elegance that comes with discipline and control. I also [...]

Placing plants

By |May. 18, 2017|

As we finally start to enjoy buying and planting pots and gardens, remember to read those plant tags and take into consideration what you, as [...]

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