Tips for novice composters

By |Mar. 1, 2019|

The United States Environmental Protection Agency notes that food scraps and yard waste account for between 20 and 30 percent of what we throw away.

What to do in January

By |Dec. 28, 2017|

Inside Make New Year’s Resolutions. Take stock of what you have accomplished over the past year and make a new list of goals. Clean wood [...]

Good living

By |Dec. 7, 2017|

I come to cleaning with a set of reference, an opinion, if you will, nurtured by my upbringing. Pretty black and white: It is clean or [...]

The 3-minute ivy wreath

By |Nov. 9, 2017|

Looking for a beautiful centerpiece for holiday entertaining? Look no further than your garden center. Start by buying an ivy hanging basket. Select a plant [...]

What to do for November

By |Nov. 2, 2017|

The holidays are approaching, which means house guests and big meals. Here’s how to get ready for the excitement. Inside • Ready your refrigerator with [...]

Throw time

By |Oct. 19, 2017|

Cozy Up Creating a cozy throw  for your sofa or bed that matches your colors and style is an easy afternoon project that could also [...]

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