Re: Developing business venture

On Dec. 15, The Sheridan Press ran a letter to the editor that made unfactual allegations regarding Ramaco Carbon’s research facility construction in Sheridan County, claiming that: “no local construction jobs will be needed to build it.” Let me set the record straight.

Ramaco’s project team in Sheridan has for almost eight years employed many local businesses and professionals. At our engineering company alone, WWC Engineering, has over 15 professionals working on Ramaco-related matters.

The first building structure of the iCAM research center will involve between 45-55 direct local construction-related jobs, per the contractor’s estimate. Custom pre-fabrication of the uniquely designed steel structure will be done in Utah, since there were no comparable fabrication companies near Sheridan.

However, the structure will be constructed by local tradespeople after the site work is completed by local contractors. Similarly, there are currently 14 additional direct local jobs involved in the road, utility and infrastructure construction currently underway on the site.

Those combined 59-69 direct jobs have an economic multiplier effect, meaning far more indirect local jobs will actually result from additional trades and suppliers to the project. The first iCAM building has a unique look and is designed by the acclaimed architectural firm Dynia & Associates, based in Denver and Jackson.

Ramaco Carbon plans to occupy it this summer where an estimated 20-25 people will be employed to work in the first combined research and advanced manufacturing facility.

Like many in this community, Ramaco and its project team have grown tired of the drama and sometimes almost comically negative portrayals of its efforts, always by the same few. Usually, Ramaco chooses not to respond to false statements, but since this letter was printed, it is important to correct the record.

Ramaco and those who work with them believe this project represents something that will be positive both economically and in many other ways for the entire Sheridan area. The company asks only to be treated and judged fairly in its efforts to develop a new business, just like any other business would.

Jeff Barron, PE

WWC Engineering