Fire sprinklers in new homes in Sheridan

Re: City council discussions

I am a contractor, builder that has been building spec homes, custom homes, hospitals, schools and wineries in California for the last 53 years.

I investigated the opportunities here in Sheridan County to purchase and develop land to build “affordable homes” for the people already here that want the opportunity to own their first home or to upgrade. At this time, this can still be done but, if the city of Sheridan and surrounding towns want to entertain requirements such as fire sprinklers in homes, all you are going to do is drive the prices up so we as builders can’t provide the above “affordable homes.”

I was there for and observed them hands-on the fires in California during the last four years. California adopted the mandatory fire sprinkler rule and the outcome has been this. First, it is very expensive. Second, if the research is not done as to the infrastructures ability to supply a home with the required amount of water via “pressure,” they won’t work. In California this is happening in almost all cases. Their solution is, require the home owner to install a pump to increase the pressure, that which the water supply can’t handle already. This, again, is very expensive. Third, did anyone think of one of the first things that gets turned off when there is a fire? No, they didn’t.

It’s the electrical supply to the home, which would render the system useless. So you have to ask yourself, why would you as a builder or owner add this huge expense to a home that you are trying to provide as “affordable”?

To those powers that be, leave things alone. The building industry is doing its best to figure out ways to provide homes in the price range that people can afford.

I came here to build just that. I came here as it did seem simple and easy to build. If you start acting like the California powers that be, good luck.

I’ve watched it change, in most cases, not for the better. Personally, I support leaving things alone before you drive the costs up and out of reach of the local people here in Sheridan.

Dale C. Reeser


Better with
civil discourse

Re: LSS, Inc. cartoon 

I noted the recent cartoon in The Press which purported to comment upon a decision by the council and staff regarding fire suppression requirements for the city. 

Hard to imagine that The Press would have allowed such a cartoon to be published, even under the guise of paid political advertising and free speech. The work of the mayor, city council, department staff Kevin Bare and Brian Craig, as well as community members like Ron Patterson deserve better. They are good people trying to achieve good results for our community. They are not as characterized in the cartoon.

I also would question the motives of LSS, Inc. which paid for the ad. Public presentations were made, research conducted and a recommendation made to the council for further study. So LSS, Inc. doesn’t like the decision for further study? Then whomever you are, man up and work with the city and community.

We are better with participation and civil discourse than derisive cartoons.

Paul Del Rossi