Conflict of interest

Re: Fire sprinkler systems

J.D. Gamble installs and maintains fire systems. For businesses the fire sprinkler code is a must, but for people deciding to build their own home? What craziness. What we want to put in our homes is totally up to us and not a building code that says we have to have a sprinkler system installed.

My opinion to J.D. Gamble is, find businesses that need their systems maintained or replaced, but leave us home builders alone.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue has done the best job ever for Sheridan and will continue to do so for many years.

Cyd Linda Marie Frigo



Encouraging thankfulness

Re: The holiday season

This Thanksgiving I was trying to encourage my 7-year-old daughter to be more thoughtful about what she’s thankful for, which required me to do the same. Many of the things we have are by design and have cost us time or money but since moving back to Wyoming four years ago I have been continually “blessed” by the giving nature of our community.

The specific example I’d like to share involves the generosity of John Koltiska at Sheridan Motors. I’ve had the opportunity to teach drivers education for the past three years at Big Horn High School. Two of those three years, Sheridan Motors has provided us with an especially nice vehicle for the eight-week session. I spend 8-10 hours per day for much of the summer with 15-year-olds driving me around and I don’t think I can fully express how much I appreciate getting into that clean, safe car each morning.

In addition, it’s also good for the students to learn to manage the conveniences of Bluetooth, satellite radio and other integrated tech without distracting from their driving responsibilities. I’m not sure what compensation or thanks the dealership receives but whatever it is I’m sure it isn’t quite enough to reflect my gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tish Cooper


By |Nov. 27, 2018|

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