Daylight saving time OK

Re: Addlesperger column

Regarding Caitlin Addlesperger’s column on Nov. 2, 2018, I totally agree with the claim and evidence that she supports it with. Her claim was about daylight saving and how she thinks it is good for the world around us. I would agree with this article because the change does surprise me but doesn’t affect me that much. Another reason that I would agree with this article is because the night that the change occurred, I got really good sleep because I got an extra hour.

Cash M.

Tongue River Middle School student


A little piece of heaven

Re: Lights of Dayton

This summer, many of us in Dayton watched with interest as new lights were installed on Main Street. These are not your typical street lights. They resemble the vintage street lights found in communities from the early 20th century. The lights are beautiful and they give Dayton a new charm and ambience that remind us of times gone by.

Curious as to how they came about, I asked Billy Miller, Dayton superintendent of streets and maintenance, why the town installed these wonderful new lights. His story tells of a vision that included him, the Dayton Town Council and the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Billy told me that the city was in need of replacing many of the light poles in town. They were beginning to deteriorate and probably would not stand up to our Wyoming weather much longer. They needed to be replaced.

Contacting WYDOT, he applied for a Local Technical Assistance Program Grant. Through the grant process, WYDOT covered 80 percent of the installation costs, and the town of Dayton covered the remaining 20 percent. Billy spent three years writing the LTAP grant. When he was out of town working on the grant, his city crew made sure that everything was kept running smoothly during his absence. It took a team effort, and because of everyone’s hard work, the new lights became a reality.

As you drive into Dayton, there is a sign that reads “Welcome to Dayton, Wyoming. A little Piece of Heaven.” Because of Billy’s hard work and support from the Dayton Town Council, his city crew and the Wyoming Department of Transportation, this is most assuredly true.

Bob Heimbaugh



Kudos to Coffeen

Re: Halloween activities

I would like to give a big shout out to the teachers at Henry A. Coffeen Elementary School. I happened to be there during their classroom Halloween celebrations. Instead of having sweets the classrooms had organized fun STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) activities. The kids were having a blast making slime, ghost rockets and doing other fun experiments.

Not once did I hear a complaint about not having candy. There was also a Halloween Parade with kids in their costumes. It was great to see kids enjoying the holiday with activities instead of the usual candy-fest! For the health of our children I hope this is a trend in the making. Good work Coffeen!

Sherrie Hotchkiss


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