While The Sheridan Press “traces its ancestry back to 1887,” the first edition under our current name was published on Sunday, Nov. 9, 1930, when Sheridan County’s newspapers merged. Our motto at the time? “The Biggest Little Daily in the U.S.A.” 

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Log lean-to was first home of Enterprise, second paper to be published in Sheridan
Thomas M. Cotton launched original publication nearly 44 years ago – Tynan was close behind.

Although the first issue of the Sheridan Press appears today in the homes of northern Wyoming and southern Montana, the new publication can point to “a family tree” that first sprouted back in the days of the pioneer cattle trails.

Specifically, the Sheridan Press is a consolidation of the Sheridan Post-Enterprise and the Sheridan Journal, having been created by an independent publishing company which purchased both of the Sheridan newspapers that have been serving this territory.

But historically, the Sheridan Press is the outgrowth of western development that had its inception in the faith of those “old timers” who first settled in this region to make their homes.

Following are the ancestors of the Sheridan Press, together with the dates on which they were founded:

The Post — May 19, 1887
The Enterprise — Dec. 10, 1887
The Journal — Sept. 3, 1925

Sheridan was not much of a metropolis in 1887. In fact, it was a little “cow town” without a railroad and with scarcely 200 residents.


But Thomas M. Cotton, prominent lawyer of his day, saw the need of a newspaper and on that May day of nearly 44 years ago was able to announce that “after many tedious and annoying delays, we have at last got our office in fair ship shape, and today present to the public, the first issue of the Post. Everything is not as we would have it, and we shall endeavor to improve the appearance and value of the paper from week to week, and hope in a short time to make improvements.”

Mr. Cotton’s “ship shape” shop was located on Main street where the Masonic temple now stands.

Later in that same year the Enterprise appeared — printed in a log lean-to on South Main street near the present site of the Edelman drug store.

The publishers, Tynan and Sommers, announced that “The Enterprise” is issued every Saturday at Sheridan, Johnson county, Wyoming,” indicating that Sheridan hat not yet become a county seat in its own name.

The owner, the late T.T. Tynan, who later served as both mayor of Sheridan and a state official, was the father of T.T. (“Tip”) Tynan, who is engaged in business in Sheridan at the present time and who is commander of the John Donald Garbutt post of the American Legion.

Some prominent men — the late Senator Francis E. Warren, Senator John B. Kendrick and Senator elect Robert D. Carey — have been identified with one or the other of the publications at various times throughout the last four decades.

Yes, you read that right — our origins are in a log lean-to!

We are proud of The Sheridan Press’s rich heritage of serving Sheridan County since 1887. Today, we aim to continue to engage and inform the community by creating, producing and distributing exceptional content and trusted journalism.

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