Support Mary Throne

Re: Nov. 6 election

I’m writing on behalf of Mary Throne for governor of Wyoming. While believing our state and nation need more women in government leadership, Wyoming has a unique and inspiring opportunity to do this very thing. Mary Throne is a native born Wyomingite and well versed in the issues facing our state. Throughout this campaign season, I’ve been watching and listening to her and learning about her ideas and passions for leading Wyoming to a more secure future. We as Wyoming voters have an opportunity to elect her as our governor.

As our children are a significant priority to our future, Mary has solid answers for keeping Wyoming’s top-rated public schools well funded. A strong public schools and education system is a necessity for keeping our young families in our state and to provide training for our future workers.

Mary has personal experience and sound knowledge regarding Wyoming’s energy boom/bust cycle, as so many of us have been subjected to enduring these past several years. She will work to protect and grow the energy economy of the future in the face of changing markets.

Mary has a priority to get Wyoming Medicaid expansion done. This issue is long overdue for Wyoming and helps everyone.

We all know the efforts for keeping public lands in public hands. Having spent 10 years in the Wyoming Legislature, she has the legislative experience in strongly supported efforts for protecting Wyoming public lands.

Mary strongly and proudly supports a nondiscrimination law for all.

She also knows Wyoming’s vast potential and realizes today’s problems deserve forward thinking.

What finer opportunity for Wyoming than to have Mary Throne as our next governor.

So exercise your right and elect Mary Throne as Wyoming’s next governor.

Restore and preserve the best of what is loved about Wyoming.

Peter and Donna Lecholat



Support Hackman for SD21

Re: Election day

One issue that I feel has not received the attention it deserves in the race for Sheridan County’s Senate District 21 seat is the importance of commercial air service for Sheridan’s economic growth. If Sheridan is going to attract and retain business it is vital we maintain our air service. Without air service it will be incredibly difficult to attract the kind of industries that provide good paying jobs.

As noted recently in The Press by a Sheridan business organization, “Our economic vitality, jobs, new construction and new businesses are all linked to consistent and reasonable air service.” This could not be stated any better and is the reason all who care about Sheridan’s economic health and future need to pay attention to this election.

In this election the difference is clear. Hollis Hackman supports state funding for our air service. Bo Biteman does not and has stated so publicly. Rural airports rarely, if ever, can operate without state assistance. Most states fully realize the necessity of maintaining air service if a community is going to grow economically. That is why they fund airports. This is no different than why we fund roads, highways and excellent public education. They are all needed for any community to thrive and attract business. Hollis Hackman understands the importance of air service to the growth of our community. Bo Biteman does not appreciate the correlation. We continue to talk about economic development and diversification. One candidate grasps what that requires. Hollis Hackman will work to ensure we do not lose one of Sheridan’s critical assets —our commercial air service.

Brad Mohrmann



People heard in courtroom

Re: Cundiff retention

In Judge Shelley A. Cundiff’s courtroom, people are heard and treated fairly whether or not they have a lawyer. Problems are resolved. Cases are decided on the facts and law, not on influence and connections.

Sharon Kinnison

Retired lawyer and former judge


By |Nov. 2, 2018|

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