Dealing with a messy spice cabinet can be a nightmare

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Happy Halloween! It is finally here and I can’t wait to see the kids get spooked with my over-the-top decorations.

Along with the trick-or-treaters comes the explosion of pumpkin everything. Granted, it has been going on for months it seems like, but in the Sanders house, we are just starting to get in the swing of things.

After we carved some pumpkins and let Bruce (our son) play around with the guts for a while, we promptly put them outside to show off. Step two was roasting pumpkin seeds — the tasty payoff. They are pretty easy to make. Clean them off, boil them for about 10 minutes in salt water, toss them in some olive oil and whatever spices you like and bake for 25 minutes at 325 degrees or until golden brown.

Then we moved on to a pumpkin pie. Pumpkin, along with pecan, are my go-to pies. Nothing tops them. Homemade apple pie sans the caramel does come in at a close third, however.

While I was searching for the spices I need to make pumpkin pie, I finally boiled over.

“This spice shelf situation is out of control,” I yelled.

My wife, who is used to my dramatic flair, just rolled her eyes and suggested lazy Susan organizers.

Spice rack lazy Susan? Genius!

Why had I never heard of this or even thought of it? In my head, you needed to have some kind of pull out system or one of those fancy cabinets that pulled out with them all lined up in their own little cages.

Nope, you can spin your way to spice rack domination and make your life that much easier.

Some people like to get real particular about their spices and organize them alphabetically. That is probably the best way to find something quickly. The only issue is you need to remember to put it back in its exact spot and, if we are being honest with each other, that will never happen with this writer.

My solution? I group them by kind. Nutmeg, ginger, allspice, etc. are all lumped together. All the spicy stuff goes together, and so on. While this takes a few spins of the lazy Susan to find, it is a quick grab from there, and nothing needs to go back in a certain spot, just the general area.

You can pick up a pair of spice rack lazy Susans for $13. It might just be the best spent money for your sanity this year.

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