Haswell most qualified for commission

Re: Nov. 6 election

Without question, Christi Burgess Haswell is the most qualified leader running for Sheridan County commissioner. Christi’s expertise building community relationships and collaborating with both local and statewide organizations will prove invaluable to the commission and the county. Christi is an experienced, proven leader. She served the state as a governor appointed member of the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust. Her natural resource experience also led her to work on the BLM Resource Advisory Committee.

In addition to her statewide service, Christi’s work with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Task Force means she understands our community’s critical challenges. In this time of tight budgets and difficult decisions, we appreciate that Christi’s work with local entities and her fiscally conservative thinking will aid her in making the tough calls for our county.

Christi’s open-minded attitude and accessible nature allow her to approach difficult conversations with thoughtfulness and care. Christi is solution oriented. She leads with the confidence of an experienced collaborator — her experience with budget management, human resources and strategic planning make her the ideal choice for county commissioner.

The time has come for Christi Haswell’s fresh perspective — she will represent community members who aren’t currently represented by the board, both as a woman and as the parent of young children. Christi is honest, genuine and reliable. Sheridan County needs the kind of leadership that she promises. Please join us in voting for Christi Burgess Haswell this November.

Sarah Heuck Sinclair
and Cody S. Sinclair



Thanks for initial support

Re: Sheridan City Council race

I would personally like to thank Sheridan residents for all the support they have shown me through the preliminary voting for me. I was very disappointed in having to step down from my running for a city council seat, though I know it was the right decision.

I would also like to encourage you to get out and vote this year. This is a very important election. It is bigger than whether we put fluoride is in our water. Sheridan is growing quickly and we need the right people in our council that have a vision for the future with our residents in mind. We need selfless individuals in our council that have a city view rather than those that seek personal gain and selfish desires. We need people that will put Sheridan and its residents first.

I hope you join me in getting out and voting for our council this election; your vote could reflect our future.

David Lee



Save the trees

Re: Courthouse cutting

OK, so I will own that I’m a tree hugger. But that just means I respect and admire big, beautiful trees, and hate for them to be needlessly cut down. It happened to the evergreens that used to ring the lawn in front of the college, and it is currently happening to the majestic cottonwoods on the lawn of our courthouse on South Main Street. Two were recently removed and the rest are slated to go too.

Is there anything that can or should be done to save these cottonwoods from the axe (or in this case, the chainsaws)?

Maybe, if enough people call the courthouse to express their dismay and ask them not to cut down our majestic cottonwood trees on the South Main Street lawn, we can save them to enjoy their shade and beauty for many more years to come.

Suzanne Beaudelaire