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Re: Dark money in politics

As a Wyoming Promise volunteer I would like to thank the media in Sheridan and all Wyoming for their coverage of the efforts to protect our democracy. This is not just a Wyoming issue. Every state has people working to solve the problem. Montana has made some heroic efforts in this struggle for the preservation of American values.

While we don’t often think of movie theaters as media, I would like to include the Centennial Theatre in my gratitude for their presentation of “Dark Money.” This is a powerful documentary film about Montana’s efforts to discover and control untraceable money. They face opposition from many well-funded and powerful organizations. Since the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision the federal courts have also been pitted against the state’s efforts to preserve the integrity of local elections.

Dark Money will be shown at the Centennial Theatre on Oct. 17 at 4:30 and 7:15 p.m. Wyoming Promise volunteers will be there to gather signatures on the petition to eliminate dark, untraceable money from our elections. Come out to see the film, sign the petition and restore the confidence that our elected officials can actually represent their voters.

Mel Logan


By |Oct. 12, 2018|

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