Response to
Hanson’s letter

Re: Sept. 29, The Sheridan Press

Interesting how, like a Palov dog responding to a bell, Josh Hanson launched into an unbelievable demand that The Press ban an opinion he objects to while crying about “proto-fascists” (I guess that’s me according to him) doing the same thing!

Anyone who read the opinion to which he refers can find no words of “hateful conspiracy” anywhere in the body of that work.

I merely suggested and hoped that Colin Kaepernick would expend his energy finding ways to help “his people” look inward for solutions rather than allow themselves to be manipulated by those who exploit the “victim” game.

In fact, by branding my opinion “hate speech,” the last two words on his letter, by the way, borders on slander.

Anyone with the tiniest modicum of being able to read and understand my message would realize the point was to encourage people to think and do for themselves rather than rely on excuses for not doing so.

I encourage and welcome productive dialog. I am frankly flabbergasted by the vehemence expressed in Hanson’s letter.

Mike Kuzara