Not hate speech, but free speech

Re: Hanson, Kuzara letters

In response to Josh Hanson’s claim that Mike Kuzara’s letter concerning Kaepernick was hate speech, it is interesting these days how, if someone does not agree with something, it is touted as hate speech. Funny how people label things as “hate crimes” and “hate speech” because they don’t agree, in an effort to stifle our freedom of speech. Mr. Hanson can write his letter about “hate speech” and get it published; oddly, that letter sounded more like hate speech than Mr. Kuzara’s ever could.

It isn’t free speech it if is dictated upon what can and cannot be said. It isn’t free speech if one political side has to pander to the other, all for the sake of not offending someone.

I could easily condemn Mr. Hanson’s editorial and the things he has written in the past. However, I choose not to because it is Mr. Hanson’s right of free speech, no matter how much I disagree. Instead, I am grateful we still live in a country that allows many points of view without the people being bullied into one set of beliefs. Unfortunately, the left wants to take free speech away from those who do not hold the same opinion.

While in my opinion, The Sheridan Press takes a more liberal bent, I am thankful it publishes differing viewpoints from all people of all views, and opinion pieces from a variety of political sources.

In short, free speech is where the people have the God-given right to express what they believe — just as Mr. Kuzara and Mr. Hanson did. Free speech is not, however, something that only one political side or one person can utilize while demanding that those with differing opinions be stripped of it.

Lon Zeller


By |Oct. 4, 2018|

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