have always been a guy obsessed with technology. Being born in the era of the personal computer, CDs and the internet, I guess I just grew up with it.

I remember when I was first introduced to the internet. I was just a wee lad in fifth grade at Woodland Park Elementary and Mr. Thomas collected money from us to invest in penny stocks to keep track of over the year. I think the buy-in was $5 and we actually managed to double it by the end of the year. But the coolest part was the internet. We had one computer hooked up in the sea of green screen macs. It ran at blazing 24k speeds and let us look up our stocks on demand.

It was truly magic and something my son will never know about, everything is just connected in his world. Especially the home in which he is growing up.  

And that brings us to my new toy in the kitchen, a Lenovo smart display with Google assistant.

I have had a Google Home for years now and it has been very helpful. Over the years I have actually managed to increase the number of Google Homes and minis from a semi-ridiculous amount. Let’s just say if you say “Hey Google, what’s the weather outside?” in any room in my house, you will get an answer from somewhere.

Could Big Brother be hearing what I’m saying? Possibly. But I’m not interesting, so if they want to listen in, they can eat their hearts out.

While they are very helpful in getting quick movie facts or turning some lights on and off, they are still limited. This is where the smart display covers the bases.

Before, when I wanted to look up a recipe I would simply look it up on my phone. While this works, it is not without its flaws.

Unless I remember to change the screen settings, you can almost guarantee I will need to look at something real quickly while my hands are covered in raw chicken or flour. So to the sink I would go, wash my hands, look up the silly little thing I forgot, and get my hands dirty again.

Surprise! I forgot something again. Repeat the process.

With the smart display, I can just ask it for a recipe, scroll and find the one I like, click start and I’m good to go. The screen won’t turn off and I don’t even need to touch it, unless I want too, because that option is still there.

If you are challenged in remembering your conversions, it just takes one ask and you have what you need, along with a graphic that explains it. Then just say back to the recipe and you are good to continue.

It’s a recipe book, clock, light switch, phone, weather forecaster, kitchen TV, music player, shopping list gatherer and so much more.

For the more security conscious of you out there, you are able to block the camera with a physical switch. This means even if someone manages to get into the smart display, no one will be able to see anything. There will be a nice little piece of hard plastic blocking their view. No more pieces of masking tape needed.

If you’re like me and enjoy the latest tech and the ease that comes with it, I guarantee you will like this marvelous kitchen assistant. While it does represent a sizable investment, it will be something that will be in my kitchen for years to come. And if you are a Costco member, you can order one online, shipped to your door $50 less than anywhere else on the internet. That alone almost pays for your membership.

If you end up grabbing one, congratulations! The world’s recipes have never been easier to make.