Not much reprieve

Re: Grizzly hunt

Anyone surprised by United States District Judge Dana Christensen’s decision to block the Wyoming grizzly-bear season is anything but woke. The national press is hailing this as a “reprieve” for the animals, when once again the federal judiciary blithely shatters a pact between the federal and state governments, and more importantly between the government and the local citizenry that agreed to shoulder the burden of recovery, that succeeded in restoring the grizzly.

How receptive will the voting public be when the bureaucracy comes to them the next time and says they need to pitch in to save a species they are living with? Now, let’s see how many “nuisance” bears end up dead, killed by a government that won’t permit licensed, regulated hunters to hunt them due to a visceral hatred and rejection of the proven concept of scientific wildlife management. If this is what a “reprieve” has come to mean, here’s my request for my last meal.

Tom McIntyre