Vote Hackman for Wyoming Senate

Re: General election

Do you want to elect someone to the Wyoming Senate who is family-oriented, has a solid moral belief system and has no hidden agenda except to do what is best for all citizens of Wyoming? Then I encourage you to vote for Hollis Hackman for the Wyoming Senate.

Hollis is family-oriented and has been married to his wife, Jeanne, for 41 years. Their two sons went through Sheridan schools. He helped his sons become Eagle Scouts while serving as Scout master. As a backpacker and a bow and rifle hunter, he taught his sons to respect our lands in Wyoming. The environment is important for us to enjoy and Hollis supports keeping public lands in public hands. 

Having served in the military for three years followed by four years in the National Guard, Hollis wants the best for our veterans. He has a special understanding of the needs of veterans. As a licensed psychologist, he practiced at the Sheridan VA for 27 years plus eight years part time. That experience gives him a unique perspective on the veterans system in our state.

Hollis is not only a supporter of veterans, but of our educational system and those suffering from mental illness. This is evidenced by his being on the SCSD2 board for two terms. While a board member, he worked with district programs and policies and supported staff and students while making sure the board acted in a fiscally responsible manner.

As a member and officer, at times, of the Wyoming Psychological Association, he has lobbied in Cheyenne for those with mental illness. Hollis helped to start the Sheridan chapter of the Wyoming Suicide Prevention Committee of which he serves as treasurer. The suicide rate in Wyoming is horrendous and he wants to make a difference. Not only is Hollis wanting to make changes for those with mental health problems, but also in the health of all citizens. He desires to help make the health care affordable to all in our great state.

Hollis believes Wyoming must diversify our state’s business and economic possibilities. He supports the ENDOW program as a way to promote positive growth. 

Hollis will fight for family values, veterans, the educational opportunities in Wyoming, the health of all our state’s citizens and making Wyoming attractive to outside businesses. If you want someone to represent you that has a strong moral compass, has no hidden agenda, cannot be bought and only wants the very best for Wyoming, I encourage you to vote for Hollis Hackman.

Susan Wilson



Disappointed in editorial decision

Re: ‘Alt-right’ conspiracies

I am writing in response to Mike Kuzara’s letter of Sept. 25. My concern is with the editorial decision to print and give voice to rhetoric that is word for word the talking points of the “alt-right.” By presenting this string of dangerous and hateful conspiracy theories as “opinions,” the Sheridan Press tacitly condones and legitimizes what is essentially hate speech.

In a reality where a free press is itself under attack from proto-fascists at various levels of government, the Sheridan Press might want to think a little more clearly about just how much voice it wants to give to hate speech.

Josh Hanson


By |Sep. 29, 2018|

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