LARAMIE — Wyoming’s Joint Judiciary meeting in Laramie Sept. 20-21 included the introduction of bills drafted for the session that begins Feb. 12.

Many included simple word changes and cleaning up language for continuity among the state statutes. Others reintroduce bills from last session and from 2015.

The bills are currently marked “LSO” followed by an assigned number, indicating the bill was drafted in a bipartisan manner.

The Joint Judiciary will designate either the House of Representatives or Senate to introduce the bill to the legislators in February.


Alternative penalties and pretrial release for alcohol offenses

Issue: Adds the option of a restricted driver’s license to the current 24/7 sobriety program; removes the 24/7 sobriety program director position.

Current bill: LSO 87

Terms of court

Issue: Allows for court commissioners to take orders for sale of personal property at auction for several reasons; simplifies language to agree with other statutes.

Current bill: LSO 21

Jury procedure amendments

Issue: Adds active duty military members to those exempt from serving on a jury; requires 12 jurors for a criminal case unless otherwise agreed upon by parties.

Current bill: LSO 22

Recordation of judgments and orders

Issue: Removes requirements for recording judgments and orders relating to real property, child support and adoption proceedings in a separate court journal.

Current bill: LSO 24

Expungement of juvenile court records

Issue: Includes electronic formats in destroying records and includes Division of Criminal Investigation as an agency; includes diversion program records to be destroyed in the same manner as provided in the statute.

Current bill: LSO 107

Previous related bills: HB123 (2015): Failed in the Senate with a 5-4 vote.

Court security cameras

Issue: Requires each county sheriff to install, maintain and monitor a closed-circuit camera and television system for each district and circuit courtroom to enhance courtroom security.

Current bill: LSO 25

Guardianship terminations and orders

Issue: Allows for guardianships to be modified or terminated at any time upon the petition of any party for guardianship.

Current bill: LSO 26

De Facto Custodian Act

Issue: Initiates a program to help address family dynamics without taking children out of the home.

Current bill: LSO 129

Previous related bills: HB15 (2018): No report prior to the committee of the whole cutoff