We’ve all had them. Some days feel like they might last forever. Sadly, those days are rarely our happiest.

Wednesday — for example — felt like it might stretch on forever. Somehow, though, there were not enough hours in the day for the required amount of work. Funny how that goes.

For me, Wednesday started off with a sick puppy. Our blue tick hound, Dozer, has been having some digestive issues. On Wednesday morning, he was in distress. If you know hounds, you know that the distress is expressed in an amazingly loud way. Poor little guy.

So, we took him to our veterinarian. They examined him; we talked about changing his diet to avoid the digestive issues and they sent us on our way. He seemed happy as can be. Until, that is, I arrived home for my lunch break. Normally I swing home for an hour or so to let the pooches outside to play and do their business. Dozer, it turns out, was distressed again. So we called the vet, they set us up with some pain medicine and anti-inflammatory. 

We thought we were good to go. 


I returned home two hours later to once again find my dog in distress. He was howling and crying. Soon, so was I. It stinks to feel so helpless when someone (or something) you care for so much is in pain. I’m no veterinarian. I had no idea how to help him. I tried to pet him. I tried to hold him. Nothing did the trick.

So, back to the vet we went. Dozer’s clear indication of discomfort shocked the vets, too. He was going berserk. Eventually, he calmed down. But, we still aren’t 100 percent sure what’s wrong with him. Though, we’re pretty sure we’re zeroing in on the issue. 

So, after three trips to the vet in one day, plus some work sprinkled in where possible, today stretched into eternity. Yet, as I said earlier, I still did not manage to accomplish everything on my to-do list — or anything really. 

Thank goodness I have a team at The Press that I can trust and rely on to handle business when days like Wednesday happen. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s due to kids, pets, spouses or other family members or friends, we all have days where it seems like nothing goes right. 

In those times, I’m ever so grateful for the family (that includes friends, actual family and work family) that I have around me. I’m truly blessed.