SHERIDAN — The Sheridan College men’s soccer team owns quite a few buzz words for the 2018 season. From ‘the sauce’ to ‘brick by brick’ to the ‘ceiling,’ the Generals are well versed in motivational vocabulary.  

According to goaltender Tyler Ring everyone on the team has the sauce. It’s not barbecue sauce for dipping chicken tenders in or steak sauce for one’s favorite cut, but rather the sauce necessary to reach the Generals’ fullest potential on the pitch in whichever way possible.

“The sauce, it just means something to all of us,” Ring said. “If you have the sauce, you have what it takes. It doesn’t have a definite meaning, but you know if you have the sauce, you have the sauce.”

SC’s secret ingredient has also helped them develop another slogan for the 2018 season, ‘brick by brick.’ 

The Generals have shown growth over their three seasons under head coach Tim Starr. In Starr’s inaugural year, SC failed to win a region game, but the foundation was beginning to take form. Last season, the Generals finished second in the final standings, laying claim to a 4-2-2 regional mark, and that provided affirmation of Starr’s vision, and instilled a mentality within the players minds that they can win in the Columbia blue and white.  “Last year we had a breakout season for Sheridan College,” Ring said. “… I think our team last year had a chance at [the championship] and this year we even look better than last year. Our chemistry is better even earlier in the season and with the talent that’s here, if we keep working everyday, we can hit our ceiling.”

Starr wants his team to strive for that ceiling each and every day in practice. In doing so, the bricks will begin to stack on top of one another and soon Starr hopes a Region IX dynasty will take shape. 

“Brick by brick is how we are building this team and this fort we are building here,” Starr said. “We want to make this the toughest place to play. … As a team we need to be organized and hit our ceiling everyday. When we do that, we have a very good chance at reaching our goals for this year.”

Plenty of production from 2017 returns for the Generals. More than half of their goals scored from last year were netted from freshman that come back for SC. 

Nicolas Parris leads the offensive charge after a team-high four goals last season. Fransisco Pacheco added a pair of scores in 2017. Ring returns in net after a year where he started two games and appearing in another, only allowing one shot to get passed him. 

Those three will provide the backbone for a 2018 season that they hope is filled with sauce and bricks that will help them not only reach their ceiling but break through it, as well.