DAYTON — Dayton Town Council unanimously decided to double cemetery plot costs after hearing the extensive process it takes to dig and procure gravesites in the Dayton cemetery.

Town clerk Linda Lofgren explained the hours it takes for town employees and Trihydro to pick, plot, dig and fill in for each customer.

“You’re racking up several days and several hours,” Lofgren said. “It is our policy to cut a check to the person who is actually digging the grave for half of that fee.”

Lofgren mentioned that the change wouldn’t last forever, as there is limited space left in Dayton’s cemetery.

Councilors mentioned concerns of the change being taken as a money-making opportunity and, contrarily, if the doubling of fees was enough to cover the costs of plotting the grave sites.

Mayor Norm Anderson responded that doubling the fees will simply work to cover fees associated with the process.

“I have an issue with just throwing a number out there,” Councilor Laurie Walters-Clark said. “I like knowing the time involved…is doubling it enough?”

The council did not take time to configure exact hourly costs and materials needed for plotting graves, as town employees said each plotting is different.

Anderson called for a motion and the council approved the doubling of fees with a 4-0 vote. The fee changes will be effective immediately, changing cremains burials from $75 to $150 and casket burials from $150 to $300, costs Anderson said are still below those of the Sheridan Municipal Cemetery.