It’s that time of year. If you’re a gardener, you know what I mean. You’re frantically searching Google and asking friends for their best zucchini recipes.

I’ve become pretty creative over the years. This year, I’ve taken to putting zucchini in everything; it goes especially well in spaghetti sauce. You just chop it up and create your own chunky garden sauce. Then, of course, you have your typical stir fry mix and grilled vegetables. Grilled vegetables go well with just about everything — chicken, steak, fish, pork. Yum.

You can always make breads, too. You could bake the regular variety or add some lemon or maybe chocolate. Take your pick.

I’ve also tried slicing the zucchini super thin. Then you sprinkle salt on them, put them on a baking sheet and make chips. It’s a healthier version of a crunchy snack.

A week or so ago, I made a lasagna but used strips of the larger green veggies from my garden as the noodles. I didn’t read enough recipes, though, so I learned a valuable lesson: You need to lay the strips out and sprinkle them with salt to get some of the water out of the vegetable. Otherwise, the lasagna gets a little watery and becomes a big mess once you remove one slice from the baking dish. 

I’ve seen other recipes for which you replace tortillas with similar zucchini strips to make things like enchiladas. That one might be next to try on my list.

Here’s a quick peek at other ideas that sound appealing:

• Pizza-stuffed zucchini boats

• Spaghetti with zoodles

• Zucchini cheesy bread

• Parmesan zucchini fritters

• Scalloped zuccini

• Baked zucchini fries

• Zucchini brownies

• Zucchini breakfast casserole 

And the list goes on. If you have any great recipes, let me know. As each year goes by, I experiment more and more with the fastest growing vegetable in my garden.