SHERIDAN — With the fall sports season officially underway, Richard Hall’s days will start to grow busier and busier. Sheridan College’s new athletic director took over in July and has hit the ground running since day one.

“It has been going good, so far,” Hall said. “I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know coaches and our athletic staff, understanding processes and getting acclimated to things.”

Hall previously held the vice president for academic affairs position before stepping into the vacant athletic director roll that Jenni Winter left behind. Hall has worked at SC for the last four years after he and his family moved from Arizona.

Hall has spent the majority of his life in the southwest. He played three sports in high school and competed in baseball at Cochise College, the University of Southern Mississippi and Oklahoma City University.

Following a two-year assistant coaching stint at OCU, Hall moved back to Cochise College to coach baseball and teach math. He transitioned into an administration role as the years wore on while still keeping a hand in athletics as an assistant athletic director prior to moving to Wyoming.

“I had a career goal of being a vice president for academic affairs, and I had the opportunity to come up here,” Hall said. “I’ve always loved Wyoming. It’s definitely a comfort level. We like to hunt and be outdoors. I always wanted to stay in the rural community college setting that I’m comfortable in and like raising a family in.”

Hall’s new post as athletic director entails overseeing the sporting worlds at both SC and Gillette College. Winter — who held the athletic director role for nearly three years — lived in Gillette and commuted to and from Sheridan on a weekly basis to fulfill her job at both colleges.

Hall will have to do the same; however, his home is in Sheridan. Hall admits that the 100-mile drive has taken some getting used to, but he’s excited about the challenges and uniqueness of managing two separate athletic programs.

“My goal as an athletic director, what I would love to see, is have both our programs here in Sheridan and Gillette be successful,” Hall said. “I think there’d be nothing better for this position than to have our two teams competing in the championship game within the region, and let them settle it on the court, on the field. Then I could proudly say my two programs finished first and second.”

Thirteen athletic programs exist between Gillette and Sheridan. Hall is committed to helping each and every coach at both colleges with anything he can.

Hall has already made an impression on SC volleyball head coach Jennifer Stadler, who agrees with Hall’s roadmap to success for the Lady Generals.

“I definitely do like his vision,” Stadler said. “He comes from an athletic background, so I think that’s a big factor. He’s been a coach, he’s been an athlete and he’s been an AD, so he really knows what we deal with on a daily basis. The things I’ve been seeing from him, just in the short term, is that he’s motivated to get us to where we want to be, quickly, so he’s trying to get us as much help as he can.”

The Lady Generals’ volleyball team opens the season Friday at a tournament at Casper College, and while the exhibition games and preseason fundraising have kept Hall busy, he’s ready for the fall semester as SC’s new athletic director.