Hear me out. This is amazing and a game changer. The end. Enjoy!

Just kidding. But the thought of treating your leftover pizza like a hunk of french bread does feel dirty, though. Why do you need to be so decadent? I’m sure this is bad for you, coating pizza in an egg bath. While I’m sure it adds a few calories, it’s just egg.  

But there is something special about leftover pizza that can’t be overlooked.

For me it was in college when I really started appreciating leftover pizza the next day. For some reason, all my relatives sent me the same three items and only the same three items. Popcorn, beef jerky and those hard granola bars that came two in a pack — Nature Valley, I think.

When you are a poor college student and you get a package full of these goodies the first time, ecstasy. You burn though them, munching away happily. A few weeks later, another package. Sweet!

That’s weird, it’s the exact same thing as I got from my parents a few weeks earlier. No big deal, free food is free food!

Except it kept happening, over and over from everyone in my family. Popcorn, beef jerky and Nature Valley hard-as-a-rock granola bars. Week in, week out. To this day I’m positive it was a planned effort — although they deny.

The thing about college economics is, beef jerky is a hot commodity, it’s easy to trade for pretty much anything you want, and you could trade it for anything. Jerky for some string cheese? Been there. I went for just about anything that didn’t have a shelf life longer than Wyoming’s been a state.

I think by the time my first semester of college ended I had cases of Nature Valley granola bars. I couldn’t give them away; the whole dorm was sick of them.

So back to the leftover pizza.

I used to just eat it cold because I was too impatient to start the stove and heat it up, and microwaving things always has a disappointing ending. 

Then, I was wasting some time cruising youtube while my son watched these horribly repetitive baby videos. I came across a mad man french toasting his left over pizza. It looked good, but could that indulgence actually taste good? A few days later we got pizza and I had totally forgotten about the video until the next day when I was about to take a bite of dull, unexciting leftover pizza.

“French toast pizza!” I yelled out to the wonderment of my wife.

Her being a good sport, I made a slice for her too.

Life. Changing.

If there is anything I have written about that you think you might want to try, this is it. It’s easy, takes 5 minutes and will leave you forever changed on your leftover pizza game.


1 egg per two slices of pizza, or thereabouts. I did 2 eggs for two slices and had left over.

Pinch of of paprika

Hefty pinch of garlic salt

Pepper to taste


1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and put a non-stick frying pan over medium heat.

2. Coat each slice of pizza in the egg bath on both sides and fry until each side is golden brown.

3. Enjoy! For real this time.