Open letter to voters

Re: Primary election

This letter is written to ask all Sheridan County voters to get out and vote in Tuesday’s primary elections. I urge each of you to participate as our primary elections determine whose names will be on the general election ballot later this fall.

While I call on each of you to participate, as the chairman of the Sheridan County Republican Party, I ask each of you to consider the following as you go to the polls:

1. Please respect the electoral process and vote your own party ballot. Crossing party lines to vote in another party’s election is unethical and disingenuous. This year, with all of the websites and Facebook pages pushing/directing non-party members to crossover to another party in an attempt to change the outcome of the election rings loudly of collusion and conspiracy to rig an election. How dishonest. In fact, it may cross the lines of federal and state PAC laws. For the record, several hundred Democrat voters have already crossed over to the Republican Party and voted in the early voting process with the intent to deliberately undermine Republican candidates. All the while proclaiming it is their right to change the election outcome as it is legal to do based on Wyoming’s voter registration laws. Bottom line, this practice is undemocratic and unethical. And, we will address this shortcoming in our laws in the next Wyoming Legislature.

2. Look at each candidate with a clear mind. If you’ve “heard” something negative about a candidate in these closing weeks of the primary, be sure the source of that information is trustworthy and the information accurate. In the past two weeks alone there have been many frivolous claims made by candidates, their supporters and several PACS from across the state concerning candidates for governor, county commissioner, county attorney, county coroner and state representative that I’ve been asked to look into.

These claims and rumors as far as I have been able to determine through hours of investigation over the past weeks are nearly all untrue. These claims and rumors are desperate actions of those who are undeserving of your vote. Bottom line, we should each be trusted as an informed voter instead of having to endure attempts by these individuals to manipulate us into making an unsubstantiated, emotionally charged voting decision.

3. The primary election is the most important election in Wyoming. Who we place on the general election ballot matters. Those organizations or candidates dealing in falsehoods, deceit, in some cases blatant lies will do the same in office. Accountability, integrity and follow-through are critical to our representative form of government; our republican form of government as guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution, backed by the Wyoming Constitution, and maintained by “We the People.”

Don’t forget to get out and vote this Tuesday, Aug. 21. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thank you for your participation and support of our great American electoral process.

Bryan Miller

Chairman, Sheridan County GOP

Editor’s note: The word limit for the above letter was waived.