SHERIDAN — Leslie Baltz faced allegations of improper enema administration, medical malpractice and negligence during her testimony Friday morning in the civil trial filed by Neal Schuman against Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Baltz was expected to take on the questions in cross-examination following the lunch hour Friday afternoon.

In her direct examination by defense counsel Scott Ortiz, Baltz denied any suppression or hiding of conversations between her and Schuman, her patient in July and August 2015.

Baltz walked through her administration of an enema on Schuman following elective knee surgery and subsequent constipation caused because of pain medications. She testified that neither Schuman nor his family notified her of any pain associated during or after the enema administration July 30, 2015. 

Before Baltz testified, SMH radiologist Shaun Gonda testified to the results from a computed tomography, or CT scan, on his abdomen. In cross examination, Schuman’s attorney Drake Hill pressed Gonda for not looking into the pelvis area more, to which Gonda responded that he was instructed to focus on abdominal pain. Gonda said often he receives directives to find the source of pain and is given a general area to observe. Because the pain explained does not always land in the area where the pain originates according to the scan, Gonda said they cover a wider area to determine from where exactly the pain is deriving.

The defense listed at least seven additional witnesses in its pretrial memorandum, but has not indicated whether they intend to bring them all to the stand. Hill brought three of the nine listed witnesses before resting pending rebuttal.

Presiding Judge William Edelman indicated at the end of the fourth day, Thursday, that Friday would close out the witness testimonies, indicating a transition into jury deliberations.

The day’s events in court had not concluded by printing deadlines Friday.