They say the first step to solving any problem includes admitting that you have one. 

Well, hello. My name is Kristen Czaban and I probably enjoy following politics more than I should.

Ask most who know me — and my entertainment habits — and they’ll likely let you know that rather than HGTV or even ESPN, you’ll more often than not find me watching re-runs of “The West Wing” or other such shows on Netflix during my downtime. I frequently listen to and read political commentary and news. I enjoy podcasts that focus on the issues of the day, and I could spend hours poring over campaign finance reports and voting records. 

Yep, I’m that kid.

Anyway, that’s all to put into context why I look forward to elections. While most people probably look forward to the days after the election that are free of advertisements, mailers, door-knocking candidates and other perceived nuisances of politics, those factors don’t apply to me. I’ll probably be a little sad when the elections are over and all of those things stop.

There’s something about going to the polls, getting your little “I voted” sticker and watching your neighbors, friends and family do the same that inspires some unity. Of course we all may have voted differently. We may not agree on a single issue. But seeing everyone (I hope to see you all there) at the polls, shows that no matter what, we’re all in this together. That’s special.

So, on Tuesday night, if you feel like tracking the results as they come in, let me know. I’ll be next to my computer all night, hitting the refresh button on my browser repeatedly. You’re welcome to join me. Yes, I’ll probably have some sort of political sitcom playing in the background. Yes, I’ll be searching for data online, helping to write recaps and update The Sheridan Press Facebook page as well. We’ll even send out a special election night newsletter as the results are tallied.

It’s a big year for Wyoming’s primary races. There are a number of seats that will be decided Tuesday. With no Democrats running, local races for Sheridan County attorney, clerk of district court, coroner and treasurer will all be decided next week. The same is true for some of the legislative races that impact Sheridan County. In House Districts 29 and 30, only Republican are seeking seats, so one will be named the next representative Tuesday. The same is true in HD51.

So get out there to the polls. Your voice matters.