Celebrating Voting Day

Re: Wyoming Promise pie drawing

If you vote in the primary this month, whether on Aug. 21 or earlier, Wyoming Promise will be at the entrances to Whitney Commons from 6-9 p.m. on that day to celebrate you with some patriotic swag and a chance to win one of six pies. Come for the concert and come by one of our tables to enter; then come by afterward to find out if you won a pie. One entry per voter, please; must be present to win.

Wyoming Promise is a grassroots effort dedicated to restoring the people’s voice in government. Former U.S. Sen. Al Simpson, who serves on the cross-partisan National Advisory Council of American Promise, dedicated to overturning Citizens United, is well known for stating, “Either we uphold the values of a representative democracy or we allow greed and wealth to destroy the great American Experiment in self-governance. I am committed to working with Wyomingites and with Americans across our country to pass a 28th Amendment to our Constitution so people — not money, corporations, unions or special interests — govern America.”

I urge all Wyoming registered voters to come see us at Whitney Commons if you have not yet signed one. WP would also like to remind citizens who previously signed a petition, but then learned that they needed to re-register at the polls, you will need to sign the petition again for your signature to count.

Suzanne Beaudelaire



Former legislator
supports Clarendon

Re: Senate District 21 race

I encourage Sheridan County voters to support Dave Clarendon for Senate District 21 in the primary election Aug. 21.

Dave Clarendon will be a great asset to the Wyoming Legislature and to the people of Wyoming. Dave knows Sheridan County, having spent the last 50 years living, working and volunteering here. Dave is a man of principle, standing firm for conservative values and for finding Wyoming solutions to Wyoming problems. I believe Dave will work diligently and respect others well in Cheyenne as they tackle the challenges faced by Wyoming people, with honesty and integrity.

During this time when many of us are disillusioned with the current divisiveness, discourtesy and inaction in the system, we need someone who is willing to be a trusting and thoughtful policy maker, and to bring civility to our democratic process. I believe Dave can get the job done.

Vote for leaders like Dave Clarendon who continue to fight for the best in our state.

Rosie Berger

Big Horn


Get money out of politics

Re: Wyoming Promise initiative

Coming of age in such a contentious political climate has encouraged me to advocate for issues I feel passionate about. The problems that have polarized and divided our country are numerous and daunting. Among these, there is one issue that I have come to regard as a direct threat to our democracy; the influence of money in politics. Campaign finance reform might sound as sexy as other hot-button issues. However, it is crucial if we hope to protect our democracy.

I am a supporter and member of Wyoming Promise, which is a statewide movement seeking to enact meaningful change to campaign finance reform. While it is true that I am young, I do not think it is idealistic to hope for a political structure that is determined by the voices of the many, instead of money. Wyoming Promise seeks to accomplish this goal through a citizen’s initiative, calling for a 28th amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment proposed by Wyoming Promise aims to overturn the 2010 supreme court decision of FEC. vs. Citizens United, a decision which granted corporations the same free speech rights as citizens. The objective of this movement is to ensure that moneyed interests do not silence the voices of ordinary citizens.

While money in politics is not a new problem, Citizens United drastically changed the political structure of campaigns and elections because it allowed unlimited and untraceable campaign contributions. Once this money began pouring into our electoral system, both Democrats and Republicans failed to enact campaign finance reform that would result in transparency and a level playing field for voters like me. If we want to have a voice, it is imperative that all citizens, on a local and state level, raise this issue with our leadership. A multitude of successful movements throughout history has proved that state-based movements can compel a degree of influence over federal constitutional law. The ability to empower ordinary citizens is within our reach but is only possible so long as we are willing to fight for it.

Rachel Jahiel



Adsit for Legislature

Re: Tuesday election

I have known Bill Adsit for 50 years. I believe it’s good to know about a man’s character, before voting for him, and so I write.

The winter of ‘78 was a bitterly cold one, the coldest I remember. During the coldest part, I lost the starter on my car. Bill came over and helped me replace it in 20-below weather, braving wind and blowing snow. He didn’t have to do this, it would have been easy for him to tell a young high school kid that he was too busy to help, or have suggested that if I could get it towed to a warm place, he’d help me when he could.

Bill has always a very giving man, always ready to help anyone he could, any way he could. Now he seeks to help Sheridan, and Wyoming. He’ll do a good job.

Ken Pendergraft



Support for Jennings

Re: HD 30 race

It’s that time of year again where we decide whom to vote for, based on how close their values align to ours. One of those candidates is Rep. Mark Jennings, who is running for re-election in House District 30.

Considering the recent hate ad against Representative Jennings, why would a godly man who is a husband, father and grandfather, and who has an honest and transparent voting record, support such immoral, vile claims as insinuated by the opposition? Those claims are false, and both illogical and clearly not who and what Representative Jennings is and stands for. A thorough reading of each bill will explain in clarity why it did not garner Representative Jennings’ support, and an in-depth look will show that Representative Jennings was not our only representative to withhold support of these bills.

Also, among other interactions with the community, Representative Jennings has volunteered his time at junior high and high school government and civics classes/groups, by speaking and interacting with students and has been a positive example by reaching out to kids on the basketball and volleyball courts. Representative Jennings has also taken the time to discuss with students about issues that affect them, in a personable and open manner. Clearly, Representative Jennings cares about every generation of our citizens.

In short, Representative Jennings is a man of integrity who is involved in and cares about our community. If you want a representative who cares about issues affecting Wyoming families; upholds the Constitution; is against raising taxes; is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-religious liberties; is of upstanding character and is a man of his word; and will vote with your freedoms and values in mind, vote Mark Jennings for House District 30.

Lon Zeller