Self-centered, divisive

Re: Mayor’s letter

During my 45 years in the community, I cannot recall a more divisive or self-centered letter written by an elected Sheridan official. It is quite astonishing that so many biased and inaccurate comments could be in one letter. My purpose here is not to contradict Mr. Miller’s misleading statements, but to state the obvious reason behind the letter: he did not get his way.

Mr. Miller petulantly thinks of himself first, not the Sheridan community. The prior discussions and votes by the full city council on his proposals have been clear. Mr. Miller knows right well that the democratic process holds sway here in Sheridan, as it does in our great state of Wyoming and the United States; proposals are put forth and debated, votes are called and majority carries.

Mr. Miller’s personal agenda and those of his financial benefactors and advisors not withstanding.

As important, Mr. Miller has crossed the line about the longstanding precedent of the Sheridan City Council and mayor elections, i.e. nonpartisanship. None of this should be about Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative as inferred in his letter. Leave that to state and national politicians. 

Mr. Miller, the essence of leadership is to have vision, to inspire, to compromise and to have integrity. It is surely not to complain and whine as you have been doing for some time. I have known you for years and you are better than that. The people of Sheridan deserve leadership which guides the community in priority matters like workforce and senior housing, economic development, child care and infrastructure. Work with the city council to the benefit of our community, not your personal interests. 

It is time to cowboy up, Mr. Miller.

Paul DelRossi



Support for Adsit

Re: HD51 race

Since we have been inundated with large, glossy political mailings, plus numerous invasive phone calls, it is not difficult to make the correct choice on election day.

Bill Adsit, running for Wyoming House District 51, is a candidate who has integrity, knowledge of Wyoming political structure and is dedicated to the traditional way of life in wonderful Wyoming. His honest, forthright opinions have been developed by study, inquiry and experience as evidenced by a lifetime of community service including public lands, recreation and Sheridan College. 

We have known Bill for years and he is the man for the job.

John and Marilyn Leander



Support for Clarendon

Re: Wyoming Senate race

I was pleased to see Dave Clarendon file as a candidate for State Senate District 21 because I think he would represent the people of the district and Wyoming in a thoughtful, beneficial and even-handed manner.

Dave is an independent business person, a rancher, who has had to think for himself to find solutions to problems. He can think outside the box, understand the intricacies of how systems function and think of the unintended consequences that might result from any action. These are invaluable skills to bring to the legislature where passions and personalities can sometimes dominate the thinking.

Dave served on numerous boards and groups improving Sheridan County and northern Wyoming. He has proven trustworthy on those boards. He has also shown an ability to listen to the people he has served with. As a representative, I think this is one of his strengths, the ability to work with others in finding solutions to problems. He would listen to us as individuals and to others we have elected to serve us, whether city mayors or county commissioners, in seeking their ideas on proposed legislation and for solving problems in Wyoming.

He has demonstrated trust of others who he has worked with. He is not naïve, but extends a trust that most people want to do the right thing, help their neighbors and improve our society. Trust is required in order to allow our social institutions to govern and enable our democracy to work.We need a problem solver and a creative, independent thinker who can listen and work with others to represent us in Cheyenne. Dave Clarendon has proven himself worthy and able to improve the future for all Wyoming citizens.

Jack Landon Jr.



Have you signed the petition?

Re: Wyoming Promise

“Have you signed the Wyoming Promise petition to get corrupting influence of money out of politics?”

“Harrumph! I don’t sign petitions,” is one response. “It won’t do any good” is another excuse.

Yet those rejecting their right to petition often complain about government’s failure to represent them and about our activist courts.

An activist Supreme Court decided, though narrowly, that money is protected speech. Are those apathetic citizens unaware that money’s domination of our elected officials is the main reason our voice is neither heard nor heeded — and that this Supreme Court decision made it worse?

We are consistent, even the harrumphers, in thanking veterans for defending our rights. Yet we neglect the easier responsibility of defending the same rights at home. Are we losing them through our apathy and inaction?

Wyoming and America’s promise is for an equal voice in electoral politics.

If you’re a registered voter be sure to sign the petition to restore that promise—if not, register to vote and then sign up.

Are we to be citizens of a representative democracy or merely subjects of renewed power of money disguised as representative government? The answer is in our hands.

Mel Logan


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