SHERIDAN — Temperatures in the evenings have started to drop on the mountain, and children either cringe or celebrate the smell of a fresh set of notebooks in preparation for a new school year. The upcoming shorter days, cooler temperatures and school schedules prevent families from taking extended vacations and camping trips up the mountain, but a grassy backyard serves as a perfect place to squeeze the life out of lazy summer days. Pick your players, grab some lemonade and try out one of these classic summer backyard activities, suggested by local Sheridanites.



(suggested by Haley Baltz, official rules taken from the American Cornhole Organization)

2-4 players

Boards are placed 27 feet from front edge to front edge. Games are played to 21 points.

One point is scored for any bag that remains on the board surface, referred to as a “woody.”

Three points are scored after a “cornhole,” or when a cornhole bag completely passes through the hole.

Any bag that comes to a rest touching the ground and the board does not count as a point.

The points of one play cancels out the points of their opponent.

Players start the game at board one and alternate pitching bags until each player has pitched all four of the cornhole bags. Players must deliver the bag with an underhand release and feet must stay behind the line of the front of the board at the time of releasing the bag.

Scoring more than 21 points results in immediate loss.


Ladder ball

(suggested by Sharie Mooney, rules taken from Ladder Golf)

2-4 players

Game ladders are placed 15 feet apart. Games are played to 21 points. Bolas are the two balls attached to either end of a small piece of rope. There should be three bolas per player or team and bolas must remain on the rungs for the duration of the round to count.

One point is scored for the bottom rung. Two points are scored for the middle rung. Three points are scored for the top rung.

The winner of a coin toss starts the game. Alternate tossing bolas until each player has tossed all three of the bolas. Players must toss the bolas with an underhand release and feet must stay behind the line of the front of the ladder at the time of releasing the bag.

Scoring more than 21 points results in immediate loss.

Unlike the actual game of golf, Ladder Golf encourages remarks, sounds and movements to distract the opponent. No touching is allowed.


S’mores variations

(suggested by Sharie Mooney, variations taken from Pinterest)

The OG

Graham cracker, marshmallow, milk chocolate

The Nutty Buddy

Graham cracker, peanut butter cup, marshmallow

Salted Caramel

Graham cracker, milk chocolate with salted caramel filling, marshmallow

The Grasshopper

Graham cracker, peppermint patty, marshmallow

The Samoa

Graham cracker, milk chocolate with caramel filling, toasted coconut, marshmallow


Kick the can

(suggested by Haley Baltz, rules taken from Considerable)

Suggested five players minimum but more encouraged.

One person (or a team of people if the group is large) is designated “It” and an empty can is placed in the open playing field. With eyes closed. “It” counts to an agreed upon number, and the other players run and hide. “It” then tries to find and tag each of the players, always keeping a watchful eye on the can. Any player who is tagged is sent to the “jail,” usually in plain sight of the can. The rest of the free players attempt to kick the can before being tagged out. If they can kick the can without being caught, they set all the captured players free.



(suggested by Nadine Gale, restrictions enforced by Sheridan County)

Sheridan County fire restrictions went into effect July 18, 2018, at 8 a.m. until further notice. Charcoal fires are permitted when contained within enclosed grills. Trash or refuse fires are permitted between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. in a container with a spark arrester in a cleared area with a 20-foot radius. For more regulations on campfires in Sheridan County, the Bighorn National Forest and state lands, see