Political ads

Re: Front page of The Sheridan Press, Aug. 4

As a longtime subscriber, I would like an answer to a question on your advertising policy. When did the policy change to allow political advertising on the front page of the paper, such as appeared in the weekend edition?

David E. Berry



Political special section

Re: July 28 edition, The Sheridan Press

Kudos to The Sheridan Press for their wonderful issue on “The Vote!” It is after all the month of July, tipping into August, when our mailboxes fill with mailings from political candidates. I am always wary of the mailings wherein a candidate slams their opponents without proposing their own platform.

Is it because they do not have a strong platform and feel the only way to win is to slam their opponent? Or is it because “dark money” is funding the mailings? Be wary of the candidate that claims they have nothing to do with the negative mailings. Be wary of the candidate that takes out of context their opponents past statements and do not give a context to the way, and why, their opponents have voted. If a candidate cannot run on the strength of their own platform and ideas, they have nothing to offer. 

Again, thanks to The Sheridan Press for giving citizens an informed guide to each candidate’s position and giving each candidate a voice. The Press helps us all to be informed citizens not influenced by buzz words and negative campaigns.

Katie Curtiss



Blatant aggression

Re: Attack ads this election

The July 28 edition of The Sheridan Press was the vote issue for the primary election. I appreciate the effort to provide the voters with information about the candidates seeking public office. On page C6 of this issue is the report on Mark Jennings, the current representative from House District 30, and the challenger Gail Symons. This is Ms. Symons’ second run for this office. What I object to was the attack ad placed and paid for by Symons. The ad was run next to the candidate profile story.

Symons has listed eight bills that Mr. Jennings has voted against. She would have you believe Mr. Jennings supports a lack of uniformity in domestic violence law, is in opposition to child sex abuse prevention, favors malicious harm or death to animals, as these bills he voted against. 

These bills were voted down by a plurality of the legislators, for numerous reasons not mentioned in the attack ad. By way of comparison, there is a campaign ad paid for by Dianna Bennett, who is running for county attorney. Mrs. Bennett did not run an attack ad, instead she addressed her record and qualifications for office. In conclusion, the Symons ad told me nothing about her, except her blatant aggression.

Vicki Taylor


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