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Last week, I went to Houston for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Long, complicated story short, it didn’t happen, but we still made the trip anyway. The whole family had gathered in the swamps of Texas, so it was only natural to take advantage of the non-refundable tickets and hang out with everyone for a few days.

It was also 7-month-old Bruce’s first flight, and he did pretty awesome, especially considering on the way back we had to make an emergency landing in El Paso because a kid was having a diabetic seizure. It was impressive how fast the crew sprung into action. After hearing my first ever, “If there is a trained medical professional onboard could you raise your hand?”, they took all of five minutes after a pediatrician stepped up to let us know we were making an emergency landing.

Ten minutes after that we were on the ground safely in El Paso with the waiting EMS crew on board taking care of the poor guy. All in all it was very impressive, and I feel safer flying the friendly skies now.

But, back to Houston. For some reason, in my blissful ignorance, I never really considered they would have a plethora of pecan treats in an area where they grow pecans. My column last week made a jab about saying everything would be better with nuts, specifically pecans — then I travel to a magical place where they do in fact put pecans in everything.

It’s like the pecan god decided to land the mothership square in the swamps of Texas and call it the nut mecca. Heck, even my brother-in-law has a pecan tree in his backyard; it’s just a normal everyday thing to them.

To us northerners, it’s a kind of luxury. Pecans aren’t really that cheap and you only really get whole pecans to crack. Feeling like some Mexican wedding cookies? Best get to baking. Are you in Texas? Heck, they sell them at the local grocery store year round.

Really if you are like me and a pecan fan, the Houston area is the place to be. You just have to deal with the rain, heat, humidity and ravenous mosquitos. But those are small prices to pay for those sweet, nutty treasures. 

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