SHERIDAN — Cloud Peak CrossFit has seen steady growth over the years. What started inside a 700-foot facility has grown into one with a downtown location filled with people trying to better their lives through various means of physical fitness.

Owner Seth Larson — who has never done much in the way of advertising — may experience an influx of new members after his gym won the Wyoming Affiliate Cup this summer.

“I think it gives everyone a little pride in the gym, so to speak,” Larson said. “It’s like, ‘Hey, we are from the fittest CrossFit gym in the state,’ and there’s good that goes with that.”

The Wyoming Affiliate Cup is an annual competition pitting CrossFit gyms across the state against one another. Members from participating gyms put together teams of six — three men and three women — that tackle many different exercises, receiving a score for each that add up to one final team tally.

This year seven teams competed in Cheyenne. Cloud Peak CrossFit has contended for the championship each year. The local gym boasts three crowns while earning a spot on the podium the other three years.

Mandy Smith has held a spot on Cloud Peak CrossFit’s team at the Affiliate Cup the last three years. She’s steadily climbed the ladder, competing on the secondary team her first year, taking second on the ‘A’ team last year and helping Cloud Peak claim the title this year.

Smith took part in team sports growing up, playing basketball before eventually rodeoing at Sheridan College. She enjoys the format in which she can workout but still be part of a team contesting for one prize.

“I was excited to do it again,” Smith said. “It’s fun to workout as a team and do a team competition. … The camaraderie is fun.”

Smith and Larson competed as partners in snatch and double unders and won. Depending on the event, the Affiliate Cup will break teams up into pairs.

Cloud Peak CrossFit does something similar each and every day as a motivational tactic within its own gym. From the amount of weight lifted to the number of repetitions to an array of other movements, Larson has a board hanging on the wall with scores, times and weights displayed for members.

“If you’re looking at the board and you say, ‘Oh, they got 11 minutes and 20 seconds, and I was close to them yesterday,’ that may make you work harder today,” Larson said.

The daily scoring helped Larson settle on the team that he took to the Affiliate Cup. However, Cloud Peak CrossFit isn’t just for the competitive individuals. Sheridan’s only CrossFit gym encourages anyone of any fitness level to come and workout.

“Some people come here and they just want to do something different every day,” Larson said. “Sometimes we lift heavy weights. Some days we do more gymnastics workouts. Some days you’re breathing so hard you think you’ll puke.

“Every day is different, and I think people really like that aspect of it. A lot of people come and want to be fit and want to be healthy and want to move, and that’s what we encourage.”

Larson recently helped someone who lived a sedentary lifestyle drop close to 200 pounds off his 400-pound frame.

“That person changed their life, and that’s what it’s all about, not what competitions you go to,” Larson said. “Sheridan is a fun community. The people are awesome, and we’ve been really, really lucky with what [this gym] has grown into over the years.

And with the Wyoming Affiliate Cup in hand, the gym could see heightened growth in the near future.