‘When it snows a foot in July’

Re: Council listening to voters

An interesting article that covered the handbook for the mayor and the fluoride in the city water. After reading this and some of the council’s reactions I thought, for a long time now, they do not really care for us, the common person in the city.

The council has implemented at large council members and taken away the wards from us. They decided to put fluoride in our drinking water without the public voting on it. The council also hired a city administrator without a vote. The voters turned this down a few years ago.

For the above reasons any council person up for election this year I will not vote for. They seem to implement changes that effect the people of Sheridan without letting the people vote on it. All three of the above changes could have waited until an election, they would not have had to do a special election.

One last thing about fluoride, it is not a federal mandate. According to what I read on the internet several large cities have done away with it.

Maybe the mayor and city council will restore the council wards again, of course they might do it when it snows a foot in July.

Rollie Zempel