The University of Wyoming’s new marketing campaign has garnered national interest. The Equality State’s only four-year institution created a new slogan with the simple, yet powerful, phrase, “The world needs more Cowboys.”

Some faculty, staff and Native American groups didn’t particularly care for the new branding. They went on to say the new slogan is sexist and racist, seeing as many depictions of cowboys are white men.

The 1 minute, 25 second video spot created in conjunction with the new slogan states, “The world needs more wonder, more outside thinkers hungry for a challenge. The world needs more Cowboys, and not just the kind that sweep you off your feet and ride you off into the sunset. Ours are diverse Cowboys who come in every sex, shape, color and creed because it’s not what you are the makes you a Cowboy or Cowgirl, but who you are.

“… It’s a shared spirit. It’s the spirit of the underdog, the trailblazer, the kind of spirit that longs for something to prove, the kind that emboldens those who possess it to stand on the permitter and howl into the unknown with unbendable optimism. The world needs more people to pick up the torch of progress and fearlessly adventure onward. The world needs more Cowboys.”

I’d venture to say that slice of the video is pretty inclusive. I think that pertains to anyone of any gender or race from all around the globe. You don’t have to come from the Mountain West region, where actual cowboys sling rope around cattle, to understand what a Cowboy is.

The University of Wyoming’s campaign is spot on. The world does indeed need more Cowboys. The world needs more hard-working, tough-as-nails human beings.

The sporting world could also use more Cowboys and not just the ones from the least populous state, but ones from all over.

The world needs more under-recruited ranch hands that long for a chance to showcase their overlooked talent.

The world needs more Josh Allens whose fire and passion, among a sea of players much less skilled, never wavered. The world needs more players who embrace their university and small town so much that its iconic logo gets woven into a blazer on NFL Draft night.

The world needs more Cowgirls — ones that resemble Maria Harutjunjan, who traversed her way to UW from the small country of Estonia (population of 1.3 million) and became the first Mountain West swimmer to ever break the 1-minute barrier in the 100-meter breaststroke.

The world needs more Cowboys who come from large metropolitan areas and embrace their new small-town, Laramie lifestyle. The world needs more Larry Nance Jrs., who don a cowboy hat during National Signing Day and remain patient and true for four years only to be rewarded with one shining moment — a Mountain West Conference Championship.

The world needs more Josh Adamses, more Laura Beaches, more Kenny Sailors, more Fennis Dembos, more Liv Robertses, more Cowboys and Cowgirls. The world needs more athletes that understand the game isn’t about them individually but rather their team. The world needs more players who stay dedicated in the classroom, redshirt, grow and remain in a program even through lean years.

The world needs more Cowboys.