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spent most of the week thinking about how I would compare these three meal delivery services, and I don’t think I came up with a good way to go about it. Simply put, HelloFresh is not even close to being on the same playing field as Blue Apron and Home Chef. Being more than three dollars more expensive than Home Chef and Blue Apron and getting essentially appetizer-dinner-grab meals — it’s like comparing a subcompact car to two full sized sedans. Sure, you can fit five people in both, but at what cost?


Oh and by the way, that subcompact is more expensive and has more waste.

Maybe it was a fluke and I got two subpar meals unluckily. But if I were HelloFresh, I would send stellar meals to try and hook my customer into paying full price for the service like the other two did. I think HelloFresh gets by on its stellar marketing and for being the first in the game. Heck, even I tried it first. It was the first that came to mind. Why venture out into the world when your normal walking path is safe?

With all that said, I’m just going to toss HelloFresh over to the kiddie table and let the cat play with it; it’s done here.

The real competition is between Home Chef and Blue Apron. They delivered real grownup meals that were fun to make and delicious to eat. Both had fresh ingredients and their packaging was well thought out and executed.

Blue Apron opened my world to miso, and I will forever be thankful for that. I have watched documentaries on it, found it at my local grocery store, made butter with it and added it to so many things I have lost count. I would have gone on blissfully unaware such a powerful and lovely flavor existed in the world, and I would have been worse for it.

While my mind was not expanded with any meals from Home Chef, everything they sent was well worth the time. In fact, if you remember, the marsala wine sauce managed to throw me for a loop. It was the first thing I have made in a while that I messed up on and almost ruined. Before breaking that sauce, I forgot to put eggs in some waffle batter I was making. Everything was coming out as biscuit bricks from the waffle iron, and It took me far too long to figure out what was going on.

Really, both options are excellent and it comes down to the little touches and pricing, obviously. Homechef included a binder to store the recipes organized incase you want to make them again. Its packaging was better thought out and I even saved some of the ice packs because of their high quality. Homechef’s two-person, twice-weekly plan costs $9.95 a serving, while Blue Apron costs $9.99 — excluding shipping. For two services that seemed higher quality, it is not surprising their price points are similar. Also, if you are wondering, HelloFresh is only a dollar cheaper at $8.99.

All in all, I would order Blue Apron and Homechef again but leave HelloFresh on the curb. But if it came down to brass tacks, Homechef is the winner. The extra touches they put into their box is what separated them from Blue Apron. I will keep the binder in my kitchen to use those recipes for years to come.

If there are any other meal delivery services you would like me to give a shot and write about, give me a holler. Or maybe you think I’m a crack and HelloFresh is actually the best? Let me hear about it at

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