SHERIDAN — Overall arrests and citations issued during 2018 Sheridan WYO Rodeo week declined compared to the number made during 2017’s event, according to the Sheridan Police Department.

SPD Lt. Travis Koltiska said the week went smoothly, with fewer incidences of fighting and underage drinking.

According to statistics Koltiska provided, in 2017 there was one citation/arrest for battery, four for fighting, one for breach of peace, two for open container and five for befouling (urinating in public). This year, those citation/arrest statistics showed one incidence of fighting, one open container and six incidences of befouling.

There were no arrests or citations made for breach of peace or battery.

In terms of alcohol and controlled substances, SPD recorded 11 citations or arrests for driving under the influence, the same as in 2017. But there were just 14 cases of minors in possession of alcohol, compared to 40 last year. There were three citations/arrests recorded for possession of a controlled substance, down from five last year. Incidences of public intoxication were even with 2017, with five recorded.

“It’s a long week, but things went really well,” Koltiska said, noting that the officers came through it all still smiling.

The SPD had help from officers of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy and the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office.

Koltiska also noted that law enforcement officers were honored by the theme of this year’s events — Hats off to Sheridan’s first responders — and had a number of positive interactions with the community throughout the week.