Change happens, constantly. Sometimes it happens in small, nonintrusive ways — like when the city of Sheridan repaints the lines up and down Main Street and Coffeen Avenue in preparation for Rodeo Week. Other times, change happens quickly and dramatically, like when a tornado rips through a community.

Luckily, many shades of grey exist between the small changes and the fast and furious kind. 

The elections this year, which include a large number of contested races, offer an opportunity for a variety of changes. Some on the ballot represent small shifts — they are a fresh face, but fit the mold of those who currently serve.

Other candidates offer a fresh perspective that stretches beyond a different name and includes a different background and life situation.

Some candidates are younger, less tied to political affiliation and authentically interested in building upon the foundations put in place by those who came before. They don’t care where solutions come from if they believe they’ll work. Those candidates are ready to move Sheridan County — including its city and towns — and the state into the future. There will always be a faction that resists change and growth. But as we all head to the ballot box this summer and fall, consider the changes presented and the positive forces they can create for our community. Change is inevitable — to what degree we encourage it is up to us at the ballot box.