Gubernatorial debates shine

Re: June 26 event 

Thank you The Sheridan Press for conducting such a well-run debate on June 26. The questions were pertinent and, by holding closely to the debate rules, each candidate was allowed the same time to answer each question and the same courtesy of not being talked over by other candidates.

Debates give candidates an opportunity to show where they stand on issues. On some questions it is hard to tell one candidate from another as they agree for the most part on such issues as the need for a diversified economy, good education system, etc. On other questions, such as the one related to the influence of big money spending to influence elections, debates offer an opportunity for one candidate to distinguish him/herself from the others. In this case it was Mary Throne, alone, who stood up in favor of campaign transparency and reform.

Elections are important, and voters’ voices need to be heard. Responsible voters take every opportunity to learn where each candidate stands on issues that will affect us all. Debates such as the one conducted by The Sheridan Press are a great way for us to hear where the candidates stand, and help assure our votes will count toward the type of governance and representation we desire. If you missed this debate, you can listen to it in its entirety on your computer at this address:

Lois Petersen



Support Gordon for governor

Re: Others’ campaign tactics disppointing

When looking over the broad field of candidates vying for the position of governor, there is only one candidate in this race with the experience, tested skills and values to lead our state forward on day one. The importance of this experience cannot be overstated. Wyoming needs a leader who has shown his ability to successfully fight for the Constitution, knows how to work with the legislature and navigate the politics of Cheyenne and brings together private and public-sector experience.

Mark Gordon’s opponents know this and have taken to spreading half-truths and flat-out lies to try and discredit him. They question his conservative credentials, meanwhile Mark and Jennie Gordon have done more to help Wyoming Republicans and conservative causes than any other candidate in this race. They claim he supported the reintroduction of wolves with zero proof and despite records showing Mark has supported predator control in Wyoming for years. Such behavior, from Mark’s opponents, doesn’t support Wyoming’s Code of Ethics and are more in line with Washington, D.C., campaign tactics.

The good news? The people of Wyoming won’t fall for it. I’m proud to support Mark Gordon for governor and encourage readers to do their homework and learn the truth about Mark.

T. Carrie Little


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