Continuing the train of meal delivery services led me to Blue Apron in week two. It arrived in a very similar box as Hellofresh, using the same amount of packaging and all. The only real difference was instead of Styrofoam there was bubble wrap. 

Blue Apron has taken a more complex approach to its meals and recipes. You can expect steaks and chicken, prepared in a more healthy way.

Everything was fresh, as I would have bought it in the store. After hearing some of my friends’ experience with the freshness of these services, I wonder if I might be getting unicorn boxes or they might be having bad luck. Maybe it has to do with geography. This box showed up with well over 50 percent of its ice packs’ life left, with no signs of things coming close to expiration. The only real unimpressive aspect of Blue Apron was the “steaks.” They were tender and tasted good, there just wasn’t much to them and they were not a real premium cut of meat. If you are expecting thick ribeye steaks, you won’t find them here.

The website is well put together. I’m starting to find a theme in them though, they are all pretty similar. They are easy to use and all the recipes can be found at

The two meals we tried out where miso butter steak with rice and bok choy and garlic chicken with smashed potatoes and a tomato and pea salad. These were a step up in complexity and options over Hellofresh for sure. While simple in their own way, they were no pub fare chicken quesadilla.

A few things I did find out on this week’s journey:

• Trying to smash potatoes when you cooked them a bit too long is very, very hard. They turn into mashed potatoes on you.

• When you are used to cooking thick ribeyes on the grill, thin meal delivery steaks cook a lot faster. Keep an eye on them. Four minutes and they were overdone.

• There is a thing called too much garlic and being prepared. They sent an entire bulb of garlic and I spent a good 20 minutes dicing and smashing making enough garlic paste to vampire proof the house. Only later in the instructions did I read “to taste.” I could have saved myself a lot of time had I read ahead in the instructions.

Overall, I would order Blue Apron again. The meals were fresh, had great flavor and my wife loved them. If anything, I have the recipes now and will for sure be making the Miso butter steak in the future. If you like healthier options with more of a farm to table feel, Blue Apron is probably the meal delivery service for you.


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